Best Copper Cookware

Made to Measure

Because everyone organizes their kitchen differently, from the creation of dishes to the utensils used, the team Mauviel 1830 has invested all its know-how, to “cooking”, not only for the professionals but also, the lovers of tastes and flavors.

The unique manufacture in the world to use so many different materials, so many shapes and forms, and settings, the shaping Mauviel 1830 is the expression of cooking for the future with undetermined attention to quality, the seal of family tradition, and heritage from its peers. That’s what makes our brand the Best Copper Cookware.

Gastronomy imposes specific rules and regulations, because each chef evokes novelties in cooking differently, presenting differently, and progress towards new ways of eating the product, Valérie Le Guern Gilbert, has opted to follow her famous partners and bet on the future: present new utensils, adapted and redesigned to answer the envies of the moment.

So that the transition between the past and the future, be fully coherent, the manufacture Mauviel 1830, invests all its centennial know-how to actual requirements. Always ahead of its time, modernity according to Mauviel 1830.

Best Copper Cookware


Mauviel 1830 is the only manufacture of cooking utensils in the world, able to work so many materials.

This know-how has helped us, to win all the challenges, to create personalized products, to adapt to all the needs and to come up with new ideas. Renew the shapes, conceive utensils which can be used in the kitchen and on the dining-table with innovations straight from the future. What product, what shape, what material, what setting for what use. All these questions have one name: passion.

Passion for know-how, passion for the safeguard of a gastronomic heritage, and the transmission from one generation to the next, turning to the young and to the International market.

Passion to bridge, history and vision of the future, between know-how and design. ECAL/ Regional Art school in Lausanne, with its Master in Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury & Craftmanship, its students from multiple nationalities and Mauviel 1830, decided to work together, this collaboration was born under the influence of the Chef Yannick Alléno and the designer François Delclaux.

It was an amazing experience.

Valérie Le Guern Gilbert, President Mauviel 1830.

Why Mauviel Makes The Best Copper Cookware

Every day, 70 craftsmen carve, assemble, hammer, strike, polish, stamp, shape 1300 utensils of the brand.

The hand hammering and the handmaking of cult pieces such as the fish kettle or the braising pans, require a know- how, transmitted from one generation to the next, within the manufacture. The factory does not use any robot, hence enabling to produce made to measure pieces, it remains the only company, offering such a wide range of finish and settings to satisfy each customer…

The company continues to provide, for the last 200 years, the same standard of quality for all its collections.

Best Copper Cookware