Handmade Copper Cookware

When Will I Get It?

All Mauviel pieces are exclusively handmade to order in a robot free workshop in France. Our products aren’t just cookware, they are pieces of art. Since 1830 we have been making exclusive and stunning copper, stainless steel and carbon steel collections for those who love to cook while upholding the same flawless quality and attention to detail.

Due to this creation process the lead time for you to recieve your order is estimated at 6-8 weeks but could always be extended due to external events. 




Home Decor 23

Bring your dream kitchen to life with exclusive hand-made products tailored to your style, space, and taste.

Mauviel Range

Need to Knows

6-8 Week Process

Mauviel is an exclusive brand for people who love to cook and know what they want. A well looked after Mauviel Piece could last longer than a lifetime, so what’s a few weeks?

Make It Your Own

Choose whats right for you. From finish to Materials this is your opportunity to make your kitchen pieces your own.

Exclusive Sets

Every now and then we release a once-off set to our shop. Keep an eye out for your opportunity to be the owner of a 1 of 1!