Benefits Of Cooking With Copper At Home

6 Benefits of Cooking with Copper at Home

The various benefits of cooking with copper cookware make it one of the best choices you can make to enhance your home cooking. Copper pots, pans and cookware have become the cookware of choice for professional chefs and home cooks alike.

Now let’s look at the benefits that make copper cookware so desirable and why you should invest in copper cookware for your home.

Cooking with Copper at Home

The Benefits of Copper Cookware:

1. It’s durability

Purchasing cookware for your home should be an investment and therefore the durability of the utensils you are buying needs to be considered. Copper, once worked becomes extremely tough and was even used in ancient times to make weapons and tools. In a kitchen, cookware must be durable as it is used heavily. Cooper’s hard-wearing properties and its natural corrosion resistance ensure your copper pots, pans and cookware will last you for many years. Copper cookware is built to last you a lifetime and will never need to be replaced allowing you to enjoy your cookware forever.


2. It’s beautiful to look at

It’s hard to argue that copper cookware doesn’t look beautiful on both the stovetop and the dinner table. Cookware made from copper is not only practical but also stylish thanks to its burnished shine that’s able to elevate any kitchen’s interior. Copper is popular in modern interiors but is also a staple in traditional homely kitchens making it a perfect way to combine trendy and timeless in your home kitchen. Its unique beauty allows you to display your cookware as decor items when not in use.


3. It’s easy to clean

Contrary to popular belief copper cookware is extremely easy to clean and care for. It can be easily cleaned with just soap and water and if it becomes tarnished simply soaking a dish towel in lemon juice, applying table salt on top of it and rubbing the pot will quickly get rid of those troubling spots. Copper’s conductivity also means you don’t need to cook with high heat ensuring you won’t have to scrap off burnt food from your cookware.


4. It’s easy to handle

The weight of copper cookware is also a benefit for home cooking as it will sit securely and safely on your stove and isn’t very heavy to lift.


5. It has a higher conductivity than other cookware

Copper allows heat to spread evenly throughout the cooking surface stopping some areas from becoming hotter than others. For home cooks, this means your food is less likely to burn and stick to the bottom of your pot or pan. This evenly spread higher conductivity rate also means your copper cookware has better heat retention, which can result in you using less electricity or gas when cooking your meals. Copper cookware is also perfect for temperature-sensitive dishes as its conductivity allows it to respond to heat changes quickly and enables you to regulate the temperature easily.


6. It has health benefits

Copper has anti-bacterial qualities and is also an essential trace mineral, this mineral is crucial for a healthy diet. This means when you boil water and cook food in copper cookware your meals can be slightly infused with this mineral which comes with many health benefits. Introducing copper into your kitchen isn’t only a functionality and aesthetic choice but also a healthy lifestyle choice.  


To experience all the benefits of cooking with copper at home explore Mauviel’s extensive range of beautiful handmade copper cookware crafted in France. When purchasing these exquisite pieces of copper cookware you are investing in cookware that will last you a lifetime, allowing you to pass it down from generation to generation. Copper cookware will ensure your family has many opportunities to enjoy beautiful meals and create special memories.